Adwords vs SEO - What is the best strategy?

Wondering what the best digital marketing strategy for you business would be? Here is a good place to start. We get lots of calls from businesses in Toronto and all around looking to market their products and services online. Having an online marketing agency that will assist you in reaching your long term objectives and results from your investment can be a daunting task. Many Digital Marketing Toronto agencies claim they provide guaranteed ranking in the top ten results page from a google search query, but dont have the proper methods in place. So many businesses are left squandering around trying to find the best agency to work with.

Adwords and Search Engine Optimization are 2 very different forms of online marketing initiatives. Adwords pulls instant traffic from the start of the campaign while SEO Toronto takes a bit of time to see results and good rankings in google's indexing. Though SEO will drive organic traffic to a business's targeted website, Adwords are based on a PPC (Pay Per Click) model. Keyword Terms are placed on a bidding system that allows companies to pay a nominal fee for each keyword term and can become costly since depending on the level of competition they are usually left fighting for top 3 positions. Depending on market demands the type of responses will vary on each particular type of business niches.

Magnum Media & Marketing provides companies in Toronto exclusive Digital Marketing Solutions catered to each niche market needs. While there is no exact bulletproof method, we develop a sound plan from the beginning and go with the market flow as we monitor and review the results being achieved. There is nothing greater for a business to have a fully optimized solid website that ranks top ten in google's index. This can perhaps be one of its greatest assets since the website becomes a lead generating money making machine. Once your site has ranked and drives steady organic traffic to the site, running an Adwords campaign will boost the responses and conversion rates.

Bear in mind driving organic traffic is no easy task, since it primarily relies on content marketing that is original and interesting enough for visitors to make the call. We deal with many businesses who struggle in this department, runt their businesses effectively but when it comes time to describe and tell people about their business, they are left speechless. We assist in the content development department but are not able to fully articulate the Company's Profile better than they can themselves.

This is what having an online presence is all about, gone are the days when having beautiful bells and whistles on a website is adequate enough to suit its purpose. With an ever increasing competitive and popular world wide web, businesses are left scrambling trying to carve out their niche markets online. This is what we do best, so give us a call to see how we can help you get the best bang for your buck!

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